Simulated Game Shooting

"You've tried the rest, now try the best!"

Kingfisher's core business is built around a niche market for simulated game shooting using clay targets. The focus is on quality drives and challenging targets, designed for shooting enthusiasts who seek a close representation of the real thing.

Be prepared for a real challenge and an outstanding experience!

Drives are presented to cover:

  • High, fast, driven pheasant (60 - 80 yds)
  • Driven pheasant (35 - 45 yds)
  • Driven partridges (simulating the classic grey partridge drive)
  • Driven Grouse (fast targets approaching the butts)
  • Duck flighting (variety of height, angle and speed, simulating flighting to decoys)
  • Flushes (always good fun for teams of guns in competition)
  • The degree of difficulty of each drive can be scaled to suit team ability.
Shooting takes place deep inside the Yorkshire Dales National Park in Wensleydale, overlooking the majestic Bolton Castle. We offer the most realistic, challenging and exciting drives in stunning countryside.

Corporate Days

Allow us to organise a days shooting to meet your specific corporate requirements. Clay shooting can provide great entertainment and fun, be very competitive and prove an excellent medium for team building. One thing it will be is 'different'.

Ladies Days

Clay target shooting is becoming an activity for all. Increasingly, ladies are taking to the sport and days for groups of ladies are very popular.

Your event will be hosted a professional who has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of shooting, including live and simulated game.

It is important that we are made aware of novice or inexperienced guns,as they will require a minder or instructor.
Instructors or minders can be supplied at an extra cost.
Any novice or inexperienced gun without an instructor or minder will not be able to shoot.
It is essential to wear ear protection and safety glasses, head protection and gloves are also recommended.

Please can you ensure you have sufficient liability insurance, if not this is available from BASC,CPSA and the NGO.
Also, please ensure you have your current shotgun certificate with you.
You will also have to sign a document to state that you as an individual are not prohibited under section 21 of the firearms act.

Our simulated game days are bespoke and we can arrange the day to suit your requirements.

Teams and individuals welcome, minimum of 10 guns, price on application.

Please enquire for any further details as the days can be tailored to your requirements.

Additional hospitality charge for non-shooting friends/family, please enquire for details.

Note that it is the day that is let not a price per gun. If the number of guns shooting reduces from the original, there will be no reduction in cost.

A non-refundable deposit required, to secure the day.


We also offer double gun days , experienced loaders can be supplied,at extra cost.
Please get in touch to discuss your bespoke requirements and the tailored cost (contact details, above/left).

Cartridges. Please be aware that shooting takes place within the Yorkshire Dales National Park and an area of high conservation value.

We therefore require that only FIBRE WAD cartridges are used. A maximum of 28 gram and 6.5 to 8 shot size, with 24 gram 7.5 shot recommended. ​​Please bring 300 to 500 catridges per gun.